Miles 1 YEAR photos (a few months late:)

For years we passed by these abandoned grass tennis courts, on the way to our friends place. Something about them always stuck with me...maybe because tennis was such a huge part of my life growing up...maybe because there is something haunting and beautiful about them...whatever the reason, I knew I wanted to do a photo shoot on them. Then while taking a walk with Doug and Miles we came across this old wooden racket someone was throwing we took it home (and cleaned it up!). I decided it would be fun to take some 1 year old photos of Miles on the courts with the racket...but wanted to wait till he was walking so he could run around and I could get some good action shots and really capture his personality. Well, it took him almost 2 months from when he started taking steps on his own, till he was a real "walker" these photos weren't taken till he was 14 months old. Of course, he wanted to spend most of the time on the ground playing with the balls and dirt (so much for waiting till he was walking:). 

Miles is now 15 months old and his personality is bursting at the seams! He has his favorite books he will bring to you to read to him (Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Gorilla are 2 of his favs-they both have "Lights" and the "Moon" in them-2 of his favorite words. He also loves Baby Touch and Feel: Farm and First Words because he can point out and tell you what many of the objects are). When he's in the mood he will turn to you and say "Kiss" and then give you his big open mouthed version of one. He loves to go "Out" and will tell you "Out!" till you take him there. He went from saying 4 words at 12 months ("Hat", "Dada", "Mama" & his all time favorite "Light!") to so many now, I can't keep track. I listed as many as I can remember in the last photo down below. It's so much fun watching him learn new things every day! 



Six Months of Miles!

Wow...I can't believe my little luv is 6 months old! Time is (now) officially flying by! In the beginning...the first few definitely didn't feel that way. Having a fussy (probably a tad colicky) baby was a layer of difficult I hadn't anticipated! There were of course many beautiful, amazing memories from those first months, but overall it was a pretty stressful time. Gradually the crying & fussing happened less and less and the laughing and smiles showed up more & more. I really can't even believe how much Miles has changed...especially over the last couple of months. I love watching this funny, sweet, chatty boy develop before my eyes! I know there will be more sleepless nights and Miles still has his (very) fussy moments (I mean, who knew there was such a thing as a wonder week!?)...but I really feel so lucky that I get to spend every day with this little man. When I look at his happy, giggling face, I can't believe he's mine (well, ours:)! Ours to love like crazy...ours to teach new things and explore the world with. He is really such a joy. I wish I could press pause right now and hold onto this time a little while longer.  Love you my sweet boy!

xo Juliette 

...a little look at M's nursery nook. 

Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox!

After a very busy fall & holiday season...things slowed down a bit...& I finally had some time to catch up on some blog posts (more to come soon:).

I was really excited when I was asked to shoot my friends Krystin & Mike's church wedding this October. So excited...I decided to get a little crafty & made some DIY "fox" masks for their shoot:). They are such a great couple...who had the wedding of their dreams last March in Disneyworld (which i sadly couldn't attend) it was wonderful to see them say "I do" again. I can't wait to see all the great things their future holds together...including the very exciting news that baby "Fox" is due this June!


Lots of Love!


Ferrandina,Pinedo,Ward Family Portraits!

I had the best time shooting these family portraits at the  Planting Fields Arboretum. Only 20 minutes from my house, Planting Fields is a 400 acre state park and estate, with some of the most beautiful grounds on Long Island...combine that with some wonderful families & adorable kids & you have the recipe for a great shoot!

xo Juliette



Headshots: Sarah Regan

I took these shots of Sarah at the Clark Botanical Garden (a lovely spot, tucked away in Albertson, would probably drive right by if you didn't know it was there...but it's definitely worth checking out). Sarah is starting her own law firm, specializing in real estate. She is located in Garden City, NY & you can contact her via her web site: (she has a basic site up now & her official site will be launching soon!)

Any actors or professionals (or professional actors:), interested in getting new headshots done-shoot me an email @:

Headshot sessions starts at $100 for 2 looks & includes all your best images on a disc to print as you choose.

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Jay & Justine's Engagement Session Part II

Getting 15+ balloons from Long Island to the Brooklyn Bridge is easier said than done. I popped 2 balloons almost as soon as I left the store. Of course they were green...which left me w/ 1 green accent make the trip...on a very hot a very packed car...w/ 4 people also riding along:) Luckily the green balloon survived...& after living in NY for over 10 years, i finally walked the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time...for this very special engagement shoot. Love these 2 so much! Very excited for all the great things to come.

xo Juliette